Monday, April 11, 2011


'when I need you, you're always there'

Sometimes the sun comes here when I'm there
but always it goes quickly away
another day's passing by, I'm doing the same
playing cards for sorrow, playing cards for pain

I look at sky and think about the ground
it always gets wet when the rain's down
and up there in the sky, it's strange
it gets always dry, like a bitter song if I don't cry

my cheek is a pool of hard life, for real
and my eyes a cup of read tea, now empty but not clear

At night the wind blows and knocks on my door
but I'm too scared and I fall on the floor,
bright small lights and dance around my eyes
and two of them, green like yours
appear in front of me with cute parental love

1 comment:

  1. Me encanta! como todo lo que escribes e.e
    Te he dicho ya que eres la mejor de las mejores? >.<
    Te amooo!! ^^ (LL)