Wednesday, March 16, 2011



again at school and a bit late
but I don't really care
I think is stupid to stay
I don't need to learn

I've learned all I know, alone
It's not too much, but enough
I know how to write, how to love
isn't it enough?

so I'm at home writing another song
it's a rainy evening but I'm not alone
you're here with me talking about love
I'm listening, but there's something wrong

you're there and I'm here
I can't understand
that when is love what I feel
to love is so hard

but I'm not scared
I know what is real
I know how to make it work
I know is real love

'cos when I look at your eyes
I can see mine
and when we talk after a long day
I do feel all right

and in bed I imagine you and me
a kiss after a trouble, a hug before the rain
and I promisse you'll never cry again
'cos any of your tears are too expensive to be free

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